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With all due respect to the dearly departed WoW Insider hunter column. ;)

Following the initial dump of the Warlords of Draenor alpha novel last week, WoW technical game designer and celery-gnawing glitter maniac Chadd “Celestalon” Nervig took to the twitwaves, as he is oft wont to do. And the interviewed-by-Olivia-Grace-waves, as he is not oft wont to do. And the live-interview-on-major-WoW-fansite-shows-waves, as he has never before been wont to do.

Across all of these various and sundry forms of interaction, Nervig answered a ridiculously large number of questions from players seeking clarifications and further info on the changes we have in store for us in Warlords.

Meanwhile, Warlords datamining began as the first alpha client hit public test servers, bringing with it brand-new waves of speculation and misinformation — as well as some intriguing glimpses of what may yet to come to pass for we wily ones.

So. To supplement my post last week summarizing (nearly) all of the rogue info in the first alpha novel – a masterfully organized, but depressingly ugly and text-heavy, tour de force of bullet points and explanations — I will now unceremoniously dump a scattershot list of (nearly) all the rogue-relevant odds and ends we learned over the past several days.

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MMO-Champion and Wowhead spotted a new Patch 5.4 PTR build this weekend, and it includes three apparent rogue changes — two of which agree with official patch notes and one of which isn’t currently mentioned in official notes at all. [UPDATE 8/20: As of today, it is now in the official notes.]

  • The datamined tooltip for Vitality (Combat passive) now matches the Aug. 14 update to the official patch notes. (Both now say the attack power boost will go up to 40% from 30%; an earlier datamine on Aug. 13 said it would only go up to 35%.)
  • The datamined tooltip for Assassin’s Resolve (Assassination passive) also matches the official patch notes. The damage increase granted by the ability will go up to 30% from 25%. (This change had not been datamined at all until this weekend, so it may have been implemented on the PTR after the official patch notes added it.)
  • The Glyph of Redirect, which is being added for 5.4, is getting toned down a little. Originally it acted exactly the same as our level-90 talent Versatility (which was axed in Patch 5.2), eliminating the cooldown on our Redirect ability. The datamine says it won’t get rid of the cooldown completely; it’ll reduce it by 50 seconds, effectively making the cooldown 10 seconds. I’m assuming this is to temper the power of the glyph somewhat in competitive PvP, where we’re already slated to get a whole mess of mobility, damage and survivability buffs. [UPDATE 8/20: This change was added to Blizzard's official Patch 5.4 PTR notes on Aug. 20, so it's legit too.]

I’ve updated my rundown of Patch 5.4 changes to include the multitude of new bits added over the past week. My fingers are NOT HAPPY WITH ME.

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[UPDATE 8/14/13: The day after I posted this, Blizz updated its official patch notes; clicky to see how the notes matched up to the alluring datamines.]

The first (unofficial) pass at rogue damage numbers on the Patch 5.4 PTR appears to bring half a gajillion DPS buffs to go with the bevy of mobility, survivability and quality-of-life improvements that we already have on tap for the next patch.

Even Assassination appears slated for some buffs. Like, large ones. Hey, I’m as surprised as you are.

We’ll see an update to the official notes sometime on Wednesday, so that should add some clarity to these changes (i.e., let us know whether we should actually trust them) and give us an idea for what further adjustments may be on the way in the next couple of PTR builds.

But assuming they hold up and aren’t bad/misleading datamining (always a possibility — in fact, Blizz PvP maven Brian Holinka called today’s datamine out as a particularly inaccurate one, though he seemed to be referring to changes misinterpreted as affecting more than one spec in a class), here are the new rogue buffs on the table that have been datamined by MMO-Champion and Wowhead, along with a smidge of analysis:

All Specs

  • Fan of Knives appears to be getting a more than 20% damage buff (20% to its raw damage, 25% to its attack power scaling).


  • Mutilate appears to be getting a 40% buff.
  • Ditto for Dispatch.
  • These changes would buff Assassination DPS by 7.4% compared to Patch 5.3 (not including set bonuses), according to calculations by rougely theorycrafter Fierydemise.
  • If you feel like these changes came out of nowhere… You ain’t the only one. Mut is an extremely strong spec in raids right now, and GC didn’t mention it at all in his class-by-class walkthrough of 5.4 changes on Monday. But a tweet from GC earlier today seemed to confirm that these changes are at least somewhat legit, so unless he’s trolling, this step is to offset what apparently is a weak-looking Mut spec on the PTR thus far.


  • Vitality’s attack power boost looks like it’s going from 30% up to 35%. (Its energy-regeneration portion remains unchanged.)
  • Revealing Strike appears to be getting a 28% buff.
  • Sinister Strike appears to be getting a roughly 26% buff (on top of its previous adjustments).
  • These changes, coupled with adjustments to SS and Eviscerate (and the addition of Ruthlessness) made earlier in the PTR, would buff Combat DPS by 2.1%, according to Fierydemise.
  • This seems low, especially in light of the Assassination changes above. I’d be surprised if this is the full story. (That is, unless our set bonuses are still so strong that they make the designers leery of making too many direct buffs.)


  • Backstab appears to be getting a 20%-ish buff on top of the buffs that had already been planned.
  • Sanguinary Vein’s damage-increasing effect on bleeding targets appears to be going from 20% up to 25%.
  • These changes, combined with earlier tweaks to Eviscerate and Hemorrhage, would buff Sub’s DPS by 6.3% (which actually feels pretty appropriate).

We’ll see how much of this is still the case when the next few PTR builds are complete — and when the official patch notes are updated sometime on Tuesday. Until then, as Blizz Community Manager Lore suggests:

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It’s one of those preciously rare weeks in the life of a PTR when the official notes end up almost perfectly matching what MMO-Champion and Wowhead datamined.

I did a superific job, if I don’t say so myself, recapping the rogue-related changes that those two sites spotted when datamining the last couple of PTR builds. Read that post through to refresh yourself on the details, but pretty much everything that had been unofficially observed has now been confirmed within the official Patch 5.4 PTR notes, which were updated last night.

That means:

  • A buff to Evasion.
  • A buff to Paralytic Poison.
  • Six new glyphs (four major, two minor) added, four existing glyphs removed.
  • A buff to the Glyph of Shiv.

In addition, two things I was a little uncertain about in my previous post have now been clarified in the updated official notes:

  1. The Glyph of Crippling Poison is indeed going way forevers.
  2. Combat rogues are indeed being compensated for the elimination of the Glyph of Adrenaline Rush: It’ll be “baked in” to the ability itself. This means that for all Combat rogues, whenever AdRush is active, they’ll see an 0.2-second reduction in the (normally one-second) global cooldown of Eviscerate, Revealing Strike, Rupture, Sinister Strike and Slice and Dice.

If you couldn’t already tell, this is shaping up to be a very buffy patch for rogues.

For more: Full breakdown of Patch 5.4 rogue changes

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[Update 7/19: Official patch notes updated just a few hours after I originally posted this confirm that basically everything is actually happening the way it was datamined.]

There have been a pair of datamined Patch 5.4 PTR builds this week, but no official patch note update yet — although we should expect to see one later today or tomorrow. As such, take these new hints of incoming rogue changes with a certain amount of salt until officialness occurs.

Let’s dip right in.

Ability and Talent Adjustments

  • Evasion appears to be getting a substantial buff: It’ll increase our dodge chance by 100% instead of 50%. From a PvE standpoint, this is flat-out super for questing and soloing. From a PvP standpoint, there’s been some back and forth in forums over this, but it looks like the general view is that this is a fair change, but the 15-second duration (which is currently unchanged) may be a little too long.
  • Paralytic Poison appears to be getting a buff: The 4-second stun will kick in on the fourth stack of the poison, rather than the fifth.

Changes to Existing Glyphs

  • Glyph of Shiv appears to be getting a buff: It’ll reduce Shiv’s cooldown by 3 seconds instead of 2.
  • The Glyph of Blind fix that was included in last week’s official patch note update (see paragraph 5 of this bloggy post) appears to be in place on the PTR

The Circle of Glyph: New Glyphs Are Born, Old Glyphs Die

Earlier this month, many avid PTR stalkers were abuzz after datamining first caught glimpses of a whole mess of new glyphs for all classes, rogues included. We should very shortly see the official 5.4 notes catch up with all the datamining, which currently suggests two things:

  1. We may be slated to get up to six new glyphs, four major and two minor.
  2. Three of the four major glyphs appear to be replacing glyphs that currently exist in the game — glyphs that either felt required for some rogues or that most rogues never used.

Here are the six, along with their current tooltip text as of the latest datamine.

  • Major Glyphs
    • Glyph of Hemorrhaging Veins: Your Saunguinary [sic] Veins ability now also increases damage done to targets affected by your Hemorrhage.
      • This appears to be replacing our Glyph of Sap, which basically nobody ever uses.
    • Glyph of Recovery: While Recuperate is active, you receive 20% increased healing from other sources.
      • This appears to be replacing our Glyph of Debiltation, which has been used by extremely few people (either in PvP or PvE).
    • Glyph of Redirect: Redirect no longer has a cooldown. (Note: A tweet this week from WoW PvP Brian Holinka may imply that this glyph isn’t truly happening, that he thinks it’s a huge rogue buff, or that he just likes callously and viciously toying with people’s emotions.)
      • This appears to be replacing our Glyph of Adrenaline Rush, which has been pretty much a requirement for every PvE Combat rogue at end-game. The AdRush glyph’s effects will become baseline for all Combat rogues. (Thanks for your comment with the heads-up on that tweet, Ben.)
    • Glyph of Sharpened Knives: Your Fan of Kinves [sic] also damages the armor of its victims, applying 1 application of the Weakened Armor effect to each target.
      • This doesn’t appear to be replacing anything, though I’ve seen players report that it’s meant to replace the Glyph of Crippling Poison, which basically nobody ever uses.

For reference, here are the info sources for the latest datamines:

I based my “nobody/everybody uses this glyph” claims on the latest data from WorldofWargraphs. (They’re not perfect — I believe the numbers are based on people’s armories when they log out, not when they’re actually playing — but they suffice for the purpose I used them for.)

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Last night, a new Patch 5.4 PTR build passed under the ever-watchful eyes of MMO-Champion‘s and Wowhead‘s data scrubbers. There were several rogue-related changes that, for the most part, matched up nicely with the official notes that Blizzard had updated a day earlier.

Here’s what matches up:

  • Backstab buff
  • Hemorrhage buff
  • Buffs to the entire level-60 mobility talent tier (Burst of Speed, Cloak and Dagger, Shadowstep)
  • Cheat Death buff

Here’s what doesn’t quite match up:

  • Eviscerate. The official notes say it’s getting a 10% nerf. The latest datamined tooltips suggest that its damage formula is being rejiggered so it relies more on our attack power and less on weapon damage. I’m inclined to trust the newly updated official notes more than the datamining, but suffice to say the jury’s still out on what exactly is happening with Eviscerate — and what compensation, if any, Combat would get if the nerf stays. Recent tweets from PvP commander Brian Holinka (one, two) drive home the point that this is still a pretty fluid situation.
  • Glyph of Cheap Shot. MMO-Champ has picked up a tooltip change stating that the glyph increases the duration of Cheap Shot by half a second instead of a full second. Wowhead isn’t reporting this at all. Keep in mind that Blizzard’s official notes for Patch 5.3 already include a nerf to the glyph from one second to half a second, so this is almost certainly just a tooltip correction, not a new nerf.
  • More possible new glyphs, maybe kinda. The last datamine spotted a gaggle of “not yet implemented” glyphs, including four interesting ones for rogues. A couple of those glyphs (but none of the rogue ones) have since found their way into the official patch notes, but most have not (and aren’t even available on the actual PTR), leading Wowhead’s content chief to wonder if they’re maybe not even part of this expansion. Regardless, yesterday’s datamining turned up another crop of  “new” glyphs, one of which is almost certainly for rogues and the other of which may or may not be.
    • Glyph of Improved Distraction: “Distract now summons a decoy at the target location.”
    • Glyph of the Headhunter: “Abilities that throw weapons will now throw axes regardless of your currently equipped weapon.”

All we can do is speculate about datamining that doesn’t match up with official patch notes. Personally, I prefer not to bother wasting time on this kind of speculation and would rather spend my time on other fun things until we see something official.

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A new Patch 5.4 build has hit the Public Test Realms, which means a bucket of fresh datamining from Wowhead and MMO-Champion. Remember, datamining = not official (and not complete) unless otherwise confirmed by the Blizzertons.


Tier 16 Visual Preview

On the ooh-look-at-that front, we got our first glimpse of what the rogue Tier 16 raid gear will look like. Clicky on the images below to jump to Wowhead, where you can use a 3D modeler for a range of fun gear-glimpsing options.

Interesting that we only see three color options here, even though we’ll have four raid difficulties in 5.4 with the addition of Flex.


Tier 16 Set Bonus Changes

Meanwhile, on the set-bonus front, it looks like they may be starting to do some tuning on the rogue Tier 16 set:

  • The energy “discounts” on the two-piece bonus have been reduced. The datamining is a little wonky on this, because it’s not capable of seeing every spec, and the energy discount changes from spec to spec. From what I can see on the PTR itself, the energy saving per stack of the “Silent Blades” buff is now 6 (instead of 10) for Assassination, 15 (instead of 20) for Combat and 2 (instead of 3) for Subtlety. The abilities that can trigger a stack of the buff are still Ambush, Backstab, Dispatch, Mutilate and Sinister Strike.
  • The four-piece bonus has been altered for Subtlety. Instead of every fifth Backstab being “transformed” into an Ambush, each Backstab you use has a 4% of making the *next* Backstab you use into an Ambush instead.

Taken together, these changes should really bring the strength of the set bonuses down to earth for Subtlety.


Four New Glyphs — Maybe

And now, for the stuff that’ll get some of you pretty pumped: Wowhead also picked up a whole bunch of possible glyph additions/changes, some of which look awfully alluring. But there’s really no way to know yet whether the developers have any plans to implement them, so don’t get your hopes up too much just yet:

  • Glyph of Hemorrhaging Veins: “Your Saunguinary Veins ability now also increases damage done to targets affected by your Hemorrhage.”
  • Glyph of Recovery: “While Recuperate is active, you receive 20% increased healing from other sources.”
  • Glyph of Sharpened Knives: “Your Fan of Kinves [sic] also damages the armor of its victims, applying 1 application of the Weakened Armor effect to each target.”


Remember, for a full rundown of Patch 5.4 rogue changes, lookie what I’ve got.

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First up, the super-brief super-summary:

  • Killing Spree (Combat) is getting a major quality-of-life improvement. We’ll have the option of focusing it on a single target.
  • Recuperate is getting buffed. The ability itself and the glyph both get a bump.
  • Our entire level-60 mobility talent tier (Burst of Speed, Cloak and Dagger, Shadowstep) is getting buffed.
  • Subtlety’s combo point builders, Backstab and Hemorrhage, are both getting buffed.
  • Eviscerate (Combat and Subtlety’s damaging finisher) is getting nerfed.
  • Nightstalker (level-15 talent) is getting buffed.
  • Cheat Death (level-45 talent) is getting buffed.
  • Our new Tier 16 raid gear bonuses are interesting, but don’t yet firmly answer any questions about which spec will be “strongest” on paper in terms of DPS potential.
  • Loot-drop bug fix: Non-dagger weapons should stop dropping for Assassination rogues in LFR and heroic scenarios.
  • Anything I haven’t listed above is either unconfirmed or a likely tooltip change (not an actual change to the way an ability/item works).

Click away for much more detail, as well as analyses, theorycrafting and other bits that’ll help you get a better sense for what these changes mean and what folks are saying about them.

Looking for Patch *5.3* rogue changes? I’ve got a full rundown for you thisaway.

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[UPDATE 6/12: This is not the page you are looking for. You'd rather be here if you're seeking the most current, comprehensive rundown of Patch 5.4 rogue changes I've got on this site.]

Brace yourselves, fellow rogues. It is time.

The first Patch 5.4 build appears to have hit the PTR, and Wowhead/MMO-Champion are datamining the absolute crap out of it.

As always, please keep in mind that we’ve had absolutely no official word yet from Blizzard on what the Patch 5.4 changes are (expect the first batch of patch preview notes later tonight or Wednesday), so don’t put too-too much stock in these changes until we see the official notes. Remember that when Patch 5.2 was first datamined on the PTR, it showed us getting a completely different tier-60 talent than the one Blizzard actually planned to implement.

That said, here’s a summary of MMO-Champion and Wowhead have datamined so far, along with some analysis here and there when I think of things to say:

  • It looks like many Combat rogues’ dreams about Killing Spree are about to come true: As Holinka hinted last week, it appears that KS will hit only your current target — unless you have Blade Flurry active, at which point it’ll act the way it does now.
  • Recuperate appears to be getting two buffs: one to the ability itself, the other to the glyph.
    • The Recuperate ability looks like it’s being buffed from 3% of max health per “tick” to 4% per tick. (Recup ticks once every three seconds.)
    • The Glyph of Recuperate looks like it’ll increase the effect of the spell by 1% of our max health, up from .5%.
    • Note that we haven’t yet seen what the new PvP tier bonuses will look like. PvP gloves currently provide a 1% buff to Recuperate; if that bonus changes, it may dramatically alter the way we view these datamined buffs.
  • Nightstalker appears to be getting a slight buff: It’ll increase the damage of abilities we use while stealthed by 50%, up from 25%.
  • Our new Tier 16 raid set bonuses have had their tooltips datamined.
    • The two-piece bonus tooltip reads: “When you generate a combo point from Revealing Strike, Honor Amongst Thieves, or Seal Fate, your next combo point generating ability has its energy cost reduced by 5. Stacks up to 5 times.” At first blush, this appears to be decent for Assassination, very weak for Combat, and pretty amazing for Subtlety.
    • The four-piece bonus tooltip reads: “Killing Spree deals 10% more damage every time it strikes a target. Abilities against a target with Vendetta on it increase your mastery by 250 for 5 sec, stacking up to 20 times. Every 4 Backstabs, your Backstab is replaced with Ambush that can be used regardless of Stealth.” Depending on how the final numbers shake out, this bonus could potentially be strong for every spec.
    • Ghostcrawler took to the tweetwaves shortly after the datamining info appeared to remind us that although the tier bonuses are in place, the “numbers are very place holder” and we should “focus on mechanics not tuning.” In other words, in offering feedback about the bonuses, we should talk about the idea behind them (or *how* they work), not on the exact amount of DPS it looks like they’ll give us.

At the moment, I’m distinctly uncertain about two other datamined rogue changes:

  • There’s a datamined tooltip change to Cloak and Dagger that shows the range increasing from 20 to 30 yards. The range is *already* 30 yards in the live game; this datamine is almost certainly just a tooltip fix.
  • There’s a datamined tooltip change to Find Weakness (Subtlety) in which the sentence “Bypasses less armor on players,” has been added to the end of the tooltip. This may just be a clarification of the way the ability already works in the game.

I’ll add clarifications to this post as I get them, and will post anew once we start getting some official Blizzard confirmations and patch preview notes.

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Amidst the hue and cry over our latest rogue PvP nerf revelation (in Patch 5.3, Cloak and Dagger likely won’t work when Subtlety rogues try to use it during Shadow Dance), WoW PvP honcho Brian Holinka dropped this little nugget:

Holinka and Ghostcrawler have been tweeting like CRAZY over the rogue changes since word of this CnD adjustment got out; read my previous post for a (mostly) complete listing.

Between Twitter, datamining and official patch note updates, the Patch 5.3 rogue change revelations have been pretty rapid-fire lately, so just to recap where we think we’re at right now:

  • Cloak and Dagger will still be usable at 30 yards; the nerf to 20 yards will be reverted. However, rogues will only be able to use CnD while stealthed — this is why it can’t be used during Shadow Dance, because you’re technically not stealthed when ShD is active. (I’m assuming we will also be able to use CnD during Vanish or, for those of us who play a night elf, while Shadowmelded, but I haven’t seen any solid info on this yet.)
  • All the Shuriken Toss changes are still happening. (Energy cost doubles, damage doubles, damage bonus at range removed.)
  • The crowd control glyph nerfs (to Cheap Shot’s stun and Garrote’s silence) are probably still happening. (Aeriwen notes in the class forum that the Glyph of Cheap Shot tooltip hasn’t been updated with the nerf, but it’s still in the official patch notes.)
  • The Find Weakness PvP nerf/PvE buff is still happening.
  • We still haven’t heard a thing from anyone official about the datamined Revealing Strike buff.
  • The Recuperate PvP buff is still happening (though that’s not a rogue-only change; it’s part of the broader PvP Power adjustments the devs are implementing for 5.3).

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