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With all due respect to the dearly departed WoW Insider hunter column. ;)

Following the initial dump of the Warlords of Draenor alpha novel last week, WoW technical game designer and celery-gnawing glitter maniac Chadd “Celestalon” Nervig took to the twitwaves, as he is oft wont to do. And the interviewed-by-Olivia-Grace-waves, as he is not oft wont to do. And the live-interview-on-major-WoW-fansite-shows-waves, as he has never before been wont to do.

Across all of these various and sundry forms of interaction, Nervig answered a ridiculously large number of questions from players seeking clarifications and further info on the changes we have in store for us in Warlords.

Meanwhile, Warlords datamining began as the first alpha client hit public test servers, bringing with it brand-new waves of speculation and misinformation — as well as some intriguing glimpses of what may yet to come to pass for we wily ones.

So. To supplement my post last week summarizing (nearly) all of the rogue info in the first alpha novel – a masterfully organized, but depressingly ugly and text-heavy, tour de force of bullet points and explanations — I will now unceremoniously dump a scattershot list of (nearly) all the rogue-relevant odds and ends we learned over the past several days.

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Managed to completely miss this in my initial sweep of the 11/29 additions to the official Patch 5.1 notes. Bad me! Bad!

Poisons will now continue to be applied normally while Shadow Blades is activated.

This corrects a bug introduced with the patch that appeared to make it so that poisons didn’t proc at all during Shadow Blades. Should be all better now.

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@MegalonFaria: “@Ghostcrawler In 5.1 Killing Machine and other proccs will be “more responsive”. What does it means?”

@Ghostcrawler: “@MegalonFaria instead of a 0.5 sec delay or so it should be less.”

Twitterized 11/21/2012

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