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@EKMars1: “@Ghostcrawler Quick clarification: some rogue mechanics were “eclipsed by newer/shinier versions”? Other class’ versions? Confusing wording.”

@Ghostcrawler: “@EKMars1 Yeah. Many rogue abilities cost resources or have long cooldowns. Newer versions for other classes often free, instant, short.”

Twitterized 10/31/2012


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Here’s a roguey tidbit from Ghostcrawler’s Oct. 31 blog post on PvP balance in Mists so far:

We think that Rogue damage in PvP is appropriate—the damage that some other classes are dealing is too high, and we want to adjust those cases before we do any tinkering elsewhere. We still like the Rogue suite of tools and abilities, but we feel like some of these mechanics might have been eclipsed by newer, shinier versions. We are looking at improving Rogue mobility and control in conservative ways.

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