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@JustinShamoun: “@Ghostcrawler have you even been to the rogue forums? HUNDREDS of well thought out posts. Do something about it. No PvP rogues enjoy playing”

@Ghostcrawler: “@JustinShamoun I don’t frequent the class forums personally. Too much echo chamber effect and any class who disagrees gets shouted down.”

Twitterized 11/12/2012


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Daxxarri stopped into the WoW rogue forum on Oct. 5 for a little back-and-forth with players on how the rogue class is playing in 5.0.4. He started off responding to a post that monks and rogues are similar because they both “consume singular resources” for their abilities.

While true, the abilities Monks use to generate Chi are not very damaging, while the strikes a Rogue uses to create combo points are core damage abilities. Monks need Chi to execute bread and butter damage abilities at all. It’s not a very good direct comparison. One should always be careful when comparing how one class’s abilities work versus another to take into account all the variables.

Then later, in response to a post about how blues don’t appear in the rogue forum:

Class forums are places where we want players talking to players, but I heard you guys were a little frustrated. I wanted to drop by and say hi, and I saw the comparison with Monks. That kind of false side-by-side comparison is something I like to nip in the bud. It creates un-justified class jealousy, y’know?

Better to consider your class mechanics within the context of your class mechanics instead.

And a little later in the thread:

To be fair, I remain impartial in that I always have to (and want to) take the broad view when considering class issues. I also know that you guys are frustrated, but the hard truth is that, even before Legendary weapon hijinks, Rogues needed some adjustment.

Still, we want every class to feel fun and satisfying to play, and I wanted to drop by and find out some specifics regarding why you guys are sad.

Edit: Please don’t exaggerate the issues, by the way. It’s much easier to relay information when I’m not trying to separate fact from fiction.

Daxxarri extended the post limit and let the discussion continue for about a week, before locking things up at post #739 with:

I don’t have anything specific to share just yet, but I want to thank you all for taking the time to share your feelings in the thread.

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@SvelteKumquat: “@Daxxarri I know you’re most likely not in a position to be able to comment, but we’re talkin Blade Flurry + “balance”:”

@Daxxarri: “@SvelteKumquat Interesting! That’s the kind of discussion that we’d usually quietly read. A blue post can disrupt an otherwise good thread.”

Twitterized 9/12/2012

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@SvelteKumquat: “@Daxxarri Not for nothing, but you still hold near-mythical status for your brief foray into the rogue forum back in Feb. ‘Twas shivtastic.”

@Daxxarri: “@SvelteKumquat I’ve been spending a lot of time behind the curtain of late. I’ll try to swing by after rogues have 5.0.4 figured a bit more.”

@SvelteKumquat: “@Daxxarri Oh, I feel bad! Wasn’t trying to nudge you to post again. :) I only just set up my WoW-Twitterness; wanted to send belated thanks.”

@Daxxarri: “@SvelteKumquat Nah, don’t feel bad <3. The class forums are mostly for discussion between players, but it’s nice to drop in once in awhile.”

@SvelteKumquat: “@Daxxarri We’re such hungry, hungry hippos, though. :) Is Twittsville an OK way to ask you periodic roguey q’s? e.g., on legendary procs?”

@Daxxarri: “@SvelteKumquat I might not always be in a position to provide a response, but it doesn’t hurt to ask – and not just about rogues, either.”

Twitterized 9/7/2012

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