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This Warlords datamining update is cross-posted on Ravenholdt, the very bestest rogue class fansite in the history of ever.

A pair of new Warlords of Draenor beta builds — 18967 and 18973, for those of you keeping score at home — have brought a host of tuning adjustments for the rogue class (among others). Alongside these builds, a series of tweets from technical game designer Chadd “Cobra-thon” Nervig clarified, and explained some of the reasoning behind, several of the changes.

Let’s recap, shall we?

[NOTE: When this was posted on Ravenholdt, Celestalon replied via Twitter to state that some of the adjustments listed below are already due to be changed in an upcoming beta build. Tuning is fast, furious and fluid in these last couple of weeks before Patch 6.0.2 launches.]

Assassination’s damage appears to have been adjusted upward. Most of its key abilities have gotten roughly 5% stronger since last week, if the datamining is accurate:

  • Mutilate deals 210% weapon damage, up from 200%.
  • Dispatch deals 330% weapon damage, up from 315%.
  • The random-damage component of Venemous Wounds deals damage equivalent to 33.6% of our attack power stat, up from 32%.
  • Envenom damage has been boosted by 5%.

There is one downward shift that affects Assassination: Rupture’s damage has taken an 18% hit.

Combat’s damage appears to have been nudged downward, if the datamining is accurate:

  • Eviscerate’s damage has been reduced by about 18%.
  • Blade Flurry’s damage has been reduced by 25%; it copies 30% of our damage onto nearby targets, down from 40%.
  • Ambush’s damage has been reduced by roughly 18%; it deals 245% weapon damage, down from 300%.

These changes come one week after substantial buffs to Sinister Strike and Revealing Strike; taken together, we’re seeing a notable shift in the proportion of Combat’s overall damage that comes from combo point builders vs. finishers.

On Twitter, incidentally, Celestalon confirmed that the Eviscerate change is meant to bring Combat’s overall damage more in line with their goals, and noted that the Blade Flurry change was intended.

Subtlety’s damage also appears to have been reduced (again), if the datablah is bloo:

  • Last week’s buff to Backstab has been reverted, and then some: It’s now at 145% weapon damage, down from 175% — and also down from 156%, where it had been prior to *last* week’s changes.
  • As noted above, Ambush’s damage has been reduced by about 18%.
  • Also as noted above, Eviscerate damage has been reduced by 18% as well.
  • Also-also as noted (further) above, it looks like Rupture damage may have gotten an 18% cut. But I’m less confident about this one without direct beta testing or a Blizzfolk statement to confirm it, though obviously the number would be consistent with other cuts.

On Twitter, Celestalon affirmed that heavy slashes to Subtlety were intended; according to him, the spec was performing 15% better than the rest of the pack (except for feral druids, which he said had been similarly overpowered and were also toned downward in this week’s beta builds).

Finally, one all-spec change: Crimson Tempest has been… buffed? We think? Datamining seemed to indicate that the ability had taken an 18% damage reduction, but Celestalon stated that the ability was actually having its up-front and DoT damage *increased* by 50%. Maybe an erroneous tooltip change, given how many other rogue abilities had been chopped by 18% at the same time?

Regardless, if the datamined changes to all three specs are accurate, then the overall adjustments to DPS would be as follows, per Fierydemise:

Keep in mind that regardless of the impact of these particular beta builds, all of these adjustments are part of the designers’ ongoing effort to pull various levers in order to get the performance of all specs and classes within whatever their target range is. Although I often refer to these tweaks as “buffs” and “nerfs,” it’s probably better not to think of them precisely that way, given that balance has to be completely redone in the switch from Mists to Warlords. As with every expansion, the scales are being reset.

Quick closing note: Celestalon also tweeted quite a bit about Death From Above this evening, responding to Fierydemise’s blog post from earlier in the week. The easiest way to see the collection of these — and all of Celestalon’s rogue-related tweets — is to check out @Ravenholdt’s favorites list, which we update whenever we spot a new class-relevant tweet from a member of Blizzard’s WoW team.


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(Update 2/26: The datamined Vitality extra-buff will be reverted to the original buff before it goes live. Check out the addition at the bottom of this post.)

MMO-Champion and Wowhead caught wind of a new PTR build that features a whole mess of datamined (read: *not official* unless confirmed by Blizzard) damage and healing balance tweaks, including three rogue-related buffs — one of which is a big surprise.

  • The surprise: Vitality — the Combat-only passive ability that boosts energy regen and attack power — appears to have been buffed again. Early in the Patch 5.2 PTR, the attack power bonus was increased from 25% to 30%. According to the datamine, it’s now up to 35%, which would be an additional nice DPS boost for the spec.
  • Non-surprise #1: Envenom damage (Assassination) appears to have been increased by 20%, just as Ghostcrawler said it would be.
  • Non-surprise #2: Dispatch damage (Assassination) appears to have been increased by a smidge over 15%, also as Ghostcrawler said.

I’ll update this post once someone official either confirms or anti-confirms the doubling of the Vitality buff. A major update to the official 5.2 patch notes is in process tonight.


UPDATE 2/25: The latest update to the official patch notes (which posted today) still has Vitality’s AP boost as rising to 30%, not 25%. Blizz CM Rygarius, the brain ‘n’ fingers behind the patch notes, sez:



UPDATIER 2/26: Ghostcrawler just posted this in the official forums:

Undid the buff to Vitality for Combat. It’s back to 30% AP.

And that’s the end of that chapter. (Updatiest 2/27: A datamine of the PTR build on 2/27 showed that the change was indeed reverted.)

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Throughout the Patch 5.2 PTR, the Assassination spec has been a good friend to Combat and Subtlety. When Combat got its Vitality buff, Mut cheered for it. When Sub got its Sanguinary Vein boost, Mut saluted. When the PvE set bonuses shined down upon Subtlety (and, more recently, Combat), Mut gritted its teeth and smiled.

But inwardly, the spec that’s ruled the popularity roost in end-game PvE throughout this expansion rent its emotional garments and shook its psychological fist. “Where’s the love for me?” it silently cried. “How can I prevent the masses from fleeing to these newly buffed other specs, leaving me cold, bereft and lonely?”

Ghostcrawler heard Assassination’s secret lamentations. And today, he responded.

Tuning Adjustments
– These are in addition to any previous changes, unless specifically noted.
– You can’t just apply these to 5.1 numbers. You need to keep the entire suite of changes in mind.


– Envenom damage +20%.
– Dispatch damage +15%.

These changes (which are not yet in the official patch notes — those were updated today, but include no rogue-specific changes) (UPDATE 2/28: the changes found their way into a PTR build on Feb. 23, and were added to the official patch notes on Feb. 25) mean that we’ve entered the damage-tuning phase of Patch 5.2 prep; they suggest that major class and gameplay adjustments are complete, and now the design team’s efforts are turning more toward ratcheting DPS screws tighter or looser as needed.

When asked in the official WoW forums whether these adjustments were specifically intended to offset what appear to be weaker set bonuses for Mut compared to the other specs, Ghostcrawler wrote:

Partially. This is a challenge for us, because we need to take the set bonuses into account, but everyone needs to function with the old set bonuses as well. We try to look at both situations.

This answer implies that, in single-target DPS situations, Mut may be very much stronger than Combat and Sub if you don’t take the new Tier 15 set bonuses into account. Once we start getting those set bonuses, though, the balance is likely to change.

One lingering question is: Are these changes meant to keep Mut’s single-target damage *competitive with* Combat’s and Sub’s as we gear up in 5.2, or *ahead of* those two specs?

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