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I feel a little silly posting this one, since it feels like there’s virtually nothing worth talking about — besides how sad it makes me to see how snide people on the Web can be in so few characters with so little cause.



I mean, really, dude(tte)? I get you’re passionate about the game and you want our class to 1) do well and 2) feel unique from other classes. And I think the discussion about ways in which ferals and rogues are similar — and whether it’s “fair” for ferals to do certain things better than rogues can — is an interesting one to have. But there are way better ways to express your concerns about cross-class imbalances than by sprinkling a miasma of bitter, accusatory sarcasm on top of it.

This person, incidentally, appears to have just created this account a little over a week ago and, from a quick look at the tweet history, has been almost entirely using it to repeatedly shred into Ghostcrawler for what he (apparently personally) did to rogues in this expansion. Somebody needs a serious bunch of huggy wuggies.


UPDATE 12/14 1pm ET:

When I tweeted this blog entry, GC responded:



The first part of that tweet is a fair clarification, though I’m not gonna change the title of this post. :) The second part appears mostly unrelated to the rest of the conversation (well, beyond the thematic tie-in of @EvilAipac’s general “I’m pissed about rogues right now and want to see changes” tone), and raises my virtual eyebrows about just how deep the upcoming changes are going to go for our humble little class.


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@chrisL77: “@Ghostcrawler everyone says u are biased against rogues care to confirm or deny? Not like the overflow of info is compelling”

@Ghostcrawler: “@chrisL77 what do you think I stand to benefit by class bias? What do you think I stand to lose?”

Twitterized 11/24/2012

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@jamesfromvenice: “@Ghostcrawler What do you think of ROGUE SURVIVAL? Plez no canned repsonses. Imho, CD’s R outdated/ineffectual. Easy to bait em’, then dead”

@jamesfromvenice: “@Ghostcrawler PLAY a rogue in arena & bgs. You have no idea the lack of mobility, Survival. So frustrating. It really is. Its not fun at all”

@Ghostcrawler: “@jamesfromvenice it sounds like you don’t really want my opinion, just a list of upcoming buffs.”

@lmaoshane: @Ghostcrawler Are you looking at buffing Rogues though? Because as it is, they’ve fallen behind in dps AND survivability in most areas now.

@Ghostcrawler: @lmaoshane rogues are fine in PvE. We want small buffs for PvP.

Twitterized 11/20 and 11/25/2012

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@ESolett: “@Ghostcrawler Be honest. Play a rogue at 90 and tell me it’s fun. I dare you.”

@Ghostcrawler: “@ESolett if I did find it fun, you’d just tell me I was wrong I think.”

Twitterized 11/18/2012

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@Steelcityterror: “@Ghostcrawler Who is the Rogues lead designer, and why do they still have a job?”

@Ghostcrawler: “@Steelcityterror we don’t have class lead designers. We all work on all the classes. Keeps lobbying down and consensus up.”

Twitterized 11/18/2012

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@JamesWire1: “@Ghostcrawler Rogue – I’ve read theorycrafting on using Versatility for some fights, but Anticipation still wins out. No real choice there.”

@Ghostcrawler: “@JamesWire1 we fear that Anticipation just does what Versatility is trying to do better.”

@srzbznz: “@Ghostcrawler @JamesWire1 You ‘fear’….? You ‘FEAR’? Perhaps if your team listened to feedback sooner you would have ‘KNOWN’.”

@Ghostcrawler: “@srzbznz if we listened to all feed, mages would have 1 mil dps by now. It’s listening to the right feed. Know solve for that? Let us know!”

Twitterized 11/17/2012

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@Starbuck_OS: “@Ghostcrawler Admit it dude, you have something against rogues, only logic behind the hideous job you are doing “balancing””

@Ghostcrawler: “@Starbuck_OS Do you really think arbitrarily picking on some classes would be a logical way to design a game?”

Twitterized 11/15/2012

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