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Little bit of catchup here — this actually broke several days ago.

In a conversation with theorycrafters after unveiling how the various new trinket procs would work in Patch 5.2, Ghostcrawler noted:

RealPPM procs still scale more frequently with haste, which many specs have drastically more or less of.

He followed that with this juicy new tidbit, when asked whether the Real PPM system counts Slice and Dice as haste:

Yes. RPPM uses the highest of all haste/attack speed/cast speed effects.

This whole topic exists dangerously close to the Rfeann-Doesn’t-Know-What-the-Hell-He’s-Talking-About precipice, so I won’t try to get too deeply into this. But as a quick refresher (assuming I have this right): The Real PPM system was set up to make the frequency of our procs more reliable, yet at the same time ensure they still feel random when they happen. Real PPM currently manages how often our primary weapon enchants (Dancing Steel, Elemental Force, Windsong) proc; as of Patch 5.2 it’ll also manage procs for our new trinkets.

Now that we know Slice and Dice affects our Real PPM proc chance, we… well, most of us won’t be impacted too deeply, since this is mostly of interest to theorycrafters and those who are calculating the values of our shiny new trinkets in 5.2.

One thing this knowledge *does* do, though, is drive home just how important it is for us to get SnD up as quickly as possible in a boss fight, since we now know that in addition to all of its other benefits it also increases the proc chances of our enchants and 5.2 trinkets.


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Ghostcrawler provided a heads up today that he was aware of reports that the Vicious Gladiator’s Insignia of Conquest (a PvP proc trinket) was causing issues with rogue stealth:

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Stealthed rogues, rejoice! From the Dec. 5 edition of the official Patch 5.1 hotfix notes (this appears to be the only rogue-relevant fix from today’s batch):

Enchant Weapon: Elemental Force will no longer incorrectly activate from healing effects, and can only be triggered by damaging melee attacks or spells.

For us, this likely means no more procs from Recuperate or Leeching Poison. That’s a good thing, because a number of rogues reported being knocked out of stealth because of this. (Sample scenario: Rogue attacks a player. Rogue gets Recuperate rolling. Player dies. Rogue stealths. Rogue sneaks up on new player. Before rogue can use opener, Elemental Force procs, because Recuperate is still running. Rogue is now visible, standing there, naked. Everyone in class is laughing at rogue. Rogue enters deep depression and skips senior prom.)

Also, just in case anyone was concerned about possible adverse effects of this hotfix: Given that this is a Real PPM poison, I think it’s highly unlikely this change will result in a reduced proc rate for Elemental Force.

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@MegalonFaria: “@Ghostcrawler In 5.1 Killing Machine and other proccs will be “more responsive”. What does it means?”

@Ghostcrawler: “@MegalonFaria instead of a 0.5 sec delay or so it should be less.”

Twitterized 11/21/2012

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New post from Daxx in a thread he started last month on the new Real PPM system they’re trying out for some procs. Initially they just implemented it for the Windsong and Elemental Force enchants, buuuut:

In 5.1, we’re migrating four additional procs over to the Real PPM system. Dancing Steel and Jade Spirit are 2 Real PPM, River’s Song is 4 Real PPM, and Colossus is 6 Real PPM.

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