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With all due respect to the dearly departed WoW Insider hunter column. ;)

Following the initial dump of the Warlords of Draenor alpha novel last week, WoW technical game designer and celery-gnawing glitter maniac Chadd “Celestalon” Nervig took to the twitwaves, as he is oft wont to do. And the interviewed-by-Olivia-Grace-waves, as he is not oft wont to do. And the live-interview-on-major-WoW-fansite-shows-waves, as he has never before been wont to do.

Across all of these various and sundry forms of interaction, Nervig answered a ridiculously large number of questions from players seeking clarifications and further info on the changes we have in store for us in Warlords.

Meanwhile, Warlords datamining began as the first alpha client hit public test servers, bringing with it brand-new waves of speculation and misinformation — as well as some intriguing glimpses of what may yet to come to pass for we wily ones.

So. To supplement my post last week summarizing (nearly) all of the rogue info in the first alpha novel — a masterfully organized, but depressingly ugly and text-heavy, tour de force of bullet points and explanations — I will now unceremoniously dump a scattershot list of (nearly) all the rogue-relevant odds and ends we learned over the past several days.


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MMO-Champion has just posted its latest datamining results from what appears to be a new Patch 5.2 build — the third build overall — on its way to the PTR. Below is my layman’s recap of the rogue-related changes MMO-Champion spotted. (Please keep in mind the usual caveats about datamining not being 100% complete or reliable.)

  • Blade Flurry’s damage reduction has been somewhat de-nerfed again. It’ll copy 40% (up from 20% in the previous PTR build) of its damage onto up to four nearby targets. The energy regen penalty remains in place. This change is in line with Ghostcrawler’s preview in a forum post on Jan. 11, and seems intended to strike a balance between “Combat’s cleave is way too powerful” and “Combat’s cleave is so awful, and the spec offers so few other benefits, that there’s no reason to go Combat in raids anymore.” This marks the second straight PTR build restoring some oomph to Blade Flurry after the initial massive nerf.
  • Smoke Bomb is getting a buff that will increase its value in PvP (and possibly PvE). In addition to its existing effects, it’ll also reduce the damage taken by “allies” within the smoke cloud by 20%. We’ll likely need to test for ourselves some of the questions this change raises, such as: How will this stack with other damage-reducing effects? Does “allies” include all players (and pets, and NPCs) of the same faction, or must they be in the same party as the rogue? Will the ability work against severely damaging spells cast by raid bosses, or will they be exempt?
  • Marked for Death’s tooltip has been edited slightly. It now says the cooldown resets “when the target dies” instead of “if the target dies within 60 seconds.” This feels like it’s just an attempt to clarify the tooltip, not any change in the way the ability works.
  • Glyph of Detection’s tooltip has also been changed. It now says you focus intently on trying to detect “certain creatures” rather than “something.” This still gives me absolutely no more clue than I had before about what practical application the swirly ball is supposed to have within the game. (I thought its return was supposed to be of the fun-but-useless variety. Maybe that’s changing?)

Related link reminder: official Patch 5.2 change compilation ~~ unofficial Patch 5.2 datamining compilation

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Earlier today, Ghostcrawler added a second ginormous data-dump of answered questions into the new Patch 5.2 discussion thread he created yesterday. Here’s the new roguey stuff; I’ll intersperse my comments between each item.


During Shuriken Toss, your auto attacks are replaced with throwing Shurikens, which do 80% weapon damage, but are on the ‘yellow combat table’, meaning they don’t glance, and don’t suffer the dual wield miss penalty. The 80% number was chosen because that approximately offsets those other benefits.

This is a clarification of some of the specifics that players have come across while testing out the new Shuriken Toss autoattack system on the PTR. These autoattacks, which kick in for 10 seconds if you use ST from a range of more than 10 yards, behave pretty similarly to a hunter’s autoattacks. To offset the fact that ST autoattacks will have a drastically higher chance to hit the target (and thus apply poisons) than our regular melee autoattacks, they nerfed the damage. That way we won’t feel enticed to do some seriously wacky stuff with our combat rotations (like constantly moving into/out of range so we can keep refreshing out ST autoattacks).


In our above description of Blade Flurry, ‘normal’ means the same as it previously did; that is to say, the damage that the ability would have done had it hit the secondary target.

This clarifies GC’s comment yesterday that, in the next PTR build, Blade Flurry would be further de-nerfed to deal “40% of normal damage to up to 4 additional targets.” This clarification certifies that BF won’t work any differently from how it used to — i.e., it won’t start copying poison damage or Elemental Force procs or any of that stuff.


The 2pc does encourage using Rupture as Combat.

The two-piece Tier 15 raid set bonus elongates finishing moves that have durations based on the number of CPs we used. As I mentioned in this EJ post (and others have likely noted as well, but who pays attention to THEM?), this feels likely to result in Rupture becoming more desirable for Combat rogues. GC appears to have confirmed that’s the intent.


Burst of Speed saying “movement-reducing” means that it no longer breaks roots, but does break snares.

The tooltip for BoS on live uses the phrase “movement-impairing” instead. Between the text change, the phrasing of the official patch preview notes, and the results of player testing on the PTR, we were already pretty sure we knew what “movement-reducing” meant. Now we know for sure.


We are experimenting with allowing Smoke Bomb to reduce the damage done to allies by 20%. We agree that rogues are lacking in the group utility department and we’d like to see less use of Smoke Bomb strictly as an offensive ability in PvP.

Cool. :) (What do you want from me? PvP is like that scary old aunt with a huge ugly mole on her face whose house I’m afraid to visit.)


We are going to reduce the PvP set bonus from +50 energy to +30 energy.

This is a more solid affirmation of something Ghostcrawler tweeted about yesterday regarding the new four-piece PvP set bonus. Keep in mind that the starting point here is +10 energy (that’s what we have now), so this is still a huge deal. A number of rogue players have been pretty frank about how they felt +50 was likely too much, so this buff-reduction is unlikely to bother folks who aren’t wearing aluminum foil on their heads.

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