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As I’ve started writing these TWIRBS up more regularly, I’m surprised to see just how much worthwhile stuff is written/said/noted about rogues even during weeks like the one we just had, where basically nothing of note actually happened with the class.

PvPers Go Hmm

Meanwhile, on the Patch 5.4 PTR

  • NEW CLASS CHANGES: A new PTR build was datamined, and fansites spotted a whooole mess of changes — except to rogues. :) The only rogue-specific adjustment was to the tooltip of our Tier 16 raid set bonus (instead of “When you generate a combo point from Revealing Strike, Honor Amongst Thieves, or Seal Fate,” it now reads “When you generate a combo point from Revealing Strike’s effect, Honor Among Thieves, or Seal Fate). I’m relatively sure isn’t actually a change — I think it’s meant just to clarify the tooltip. (I also think the tweak didn’t clarify it very well at all. If they’re trying to say the bonus will proc whenever we use a combo point-generating ability on our target while the Revealing Strike debuff is active… well, why not say that? :) )
  • NEW SHINIES: So, like I said, nothing new for rogues specifically. But we did get our first glimpse of how our legendary(!) cloaks will work (see the datamine for more), and we also got a first look at five interesting DPS trinkets that will drop in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. I mention them briefly in this post over on Elitist Jerks, but I think I’ll do a blog entry about them as soon as our theorycrafting geniuses have had a chance to take a closer look. (In the meantime, you can look in on a pretty decent discussion that unfolded in the WoW rogue forum about the trinkets.)

PvE Theory-Ish Stuff

  • TIER 16: Last week’s WoW Insider column analyzes the upcoming Tier 16 set bonuses, and explores why Blizzard may have chosen the specific types of bonuses they have.

The Legendary Quest Chain

Fun Stuff

  • FAN FICTION: The Godmother returns with another chapter of her new tale about a dwarf hunter who has been through hell and back again (as all of our characters have, in terms of game lore). A rogue is one of the key characters in this wonderfully written story. (To be fair, I should disclose some bias: I’ve been helping a bit with getting these chapters ready for prime time. But I wouldn’t be doing so if I didn’t think it was great stuff to begin with. And I don’t even like WoW fan fiction!)

And that’s the week in rogueball. Don’t forget to stop in at the newly renamed Tweets From the Shadows page to see the latest twitterings from Blizzfolk on rogue-related subjects.


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Just over a week ago, the Vicious Talisman of Shado-Pan Assault — a PvE trinket purchased with Valor points — was nerfed, after many players expressed concerns (and Blizzard agreed) that it was too strong in PvP. The nerf reduced the strength of the trinket’s proc by 21.5%, in hopes of curbing the amount of burst damage it granted. (The same change was made to the Strength version of the trinket.)

But it didn’t take long for Blizzard to start to feel like the proc nerf might not be enough. So, as of a newly implemented hotfix, they’ve further reduced the value of the proc in PvP situations only — but they’ve doubled the proc’s length. The end result should be the same amount of damage, just more consistent and less bursty. The tooltip doesn’t appear to have been updated to match yet.

For your reading-what-official-people-write pleasure, I’ll dump all relevant tweets and Community Manager forum/blog post quotes below.


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[UPDATE 4/18: More changes were indeed coming. And then they came. And now they’re here.]

Last week, a Patch 5.2 hotfix reduced the Agility proc on the new PvE Valor trinket, the Vicious Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault, by 21.5% in PvP situations. (This was *not* a Patch 5.3 PTR note, incidentally; the change is actually live.)

The change was intended to reduce the amount of burst that DPS classes/specs were able to deal to other players while the proc was active. But was it enough? Was it even… maybe… dare we say… too much?

HeckifIknow. But WoW PvP master Brian Holinka has been fielding a lot of tweets about the trinket since the hotfix. Here’s a dump (in date order) of all of them to date, for you to peruse and ponder at your temporal preference.


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[UPDATE 4/18: Further changes to the proc were implemented in a subsequent hotfix a little more than a week after the change covered in the post below.]

The lamentations of the dead have been heard!

Vicious Talisman of the Shadow-Pan Assault now grants a reduced bonus of 6908 to Agility when the effect is activated in PvP combat, down from 8800. The bonus remains unchanged when the effect is activated in PvE combat.

(Please note: Though this change has been made, we’ve been warned that it won’t immediately show up in tooltips yet. Also, yes, that’s a typo in the official hotfix note: The name of the trinket is “Shado-Pan,” not “Shadow-Pan.”)

So sayeth one of the newly-posted-but-dated-April-10 additions to the official Patch 5.2 hotfix notes. This change follows a great deal of complaint (even by WoW-players-on-the-Internet standards) that the Shado-Pan trinket, which is a PvE rep reward purchased with Valor Points, offered way too much burst potential in PvP settings (particularly when coupled with other burst cooldowns, which we rogue types do so love to use).

That super-specific Agility number difference mentioned in the hotfix amounts to a 21.5% nerf to the proc. As lead PvP designer Brian Holinka noted in a tweet (below), this will keep the Talisman’s burst potential higher than its PvP counterpart, but its overall damage will be lower.

And now, for the sake of putting all this somewhere relevant, I shall dump upon ye most of the tweets that Holinka has sent out in the past couple of weeks in response to people asking about this damn trinket. (These have all been living in the home for wayward rogue tweets for a while; it feels nice to give them a more permanent home. Yep. Feels nice.)


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