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BlizzBlues typically avoid, in plaguelike fashion, any direct class-vs.-class comparison of a single tool in the toolkit. They’re fond of saying — and rightly so — that classes aren’t created to be hard counters with one another, and that if they all had the same tools, they’d all basically be the same class (which might be very nicely balanced, but would also be the most boring thing in the history of ever).

That made it a little surprising that WoW PvP honcho Brian Holinka engaged in some back-and-forth last night over Shadowstep, and how the ability — which is currently a level-60 talent option — stacks up against the baseline mobility-aiding spells that other classes get. It’s a bit of an odd comparison, and as you’ll see Holinka doesn’t just talk about the ability in a bubble (since its synergy with other abilities, such as Cloak of Shadows, can add to its strength). But it’s one of those cool little glimpses into the way the mind of a senior PvP designer works and how he regards the strengths and weaknesses of rogues compared to other classes.

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@Rei_Irr: “@Ghostcrawler @JennyDawsons if warriors strengh supposed to be mobility, what is rogues strengh?why do they wear leather/have worse moblity?”

@Ghostcrawler: “@Rei_Irr leather vs plate pretty irrelevant these days. Rogues supposed to be about stealth and control and being slippery.”

@PhilPTran: “@Ghostcrawler @Rei_Irr Slippery but only when cd’s are up. Are the Arena championship games giving you good feedback on balance issues?”

@Ghostcrawler: “@PhilPTran many of the same issues we’ve seen already. We can’t hotfix everything but 5.1 has a lot of PvP changes.”

@xoleraslol: “@ESolett @Ghostcrawler @PhilPTran I do think a partial reason for rogues having low rep is because of other classes (warrior)being overtuned”

@Ghostcrawler: “@xoleraslol one of the challenges of 3s is teams can just choose who to take. It’s why 3s always tend to feature just a few specs.”

Twitterized 11/17/2012

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@qoralswp: “@Ghostcrawler @Bricke4 You think rogues are fine in PvP?”

@Ghostcrawler: “@qoralswp We think PvP rogues are low in 5.0. Why bring a rogue if a warrior brings more? We think 5.1 will be a better environment.”

Twitterized 11/17/2012

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